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Power, Speed and Flexibility Manual

Shadowhand Wing Chun Power, Speed & Flexibility Manual

The Power, Speed and Flexibility Manual, written by SiFu Doc Savage, outlines the training methods used to develop power, speed, and flexibility for his students. The Power, Speed and Flexibility Manual is available to all Shadowhand Wing Chun students, and also to the general public.
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Price $50.00 (Free Shipping in the Continental US).

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Hello Sifu Doc,

Thanks again for the manual.  I received it Saturday.  Definitely a lot of good notes/reference and details of how to use the training that are true to Duncan Leung’s Lineage.   I can’t wait for the DvDs that you are creating.

Thanks and best of health to you and your family.

Albert C


I am grateful for SiFu Doc’s knowledge of and his dedication to the study of Wing Chun. Concepts and applications from his book, “Power, Speed, and Flexibility – Training Manual” are taught regularly where I train and is a valuable asset. Further, I am grateful of his desire and ability to share his knowledge and application of this art with those of us who are ready to learn.

Tom Brown



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