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8-10 Dec Seminar at Liza Jackson Park, FWB

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Seminar will be held from 8-10 Dec at Liza Jackson Park in FWB.    Contact SiFu Doc savage if interested.  

20-21 Feb 2016 Wooden Man Seminar

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11-13 Dec 15 Annual Seminar

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Florida Wing Chun Annual Seminar

“December 2015 is in the record books. We learned lots of fantastic techniques; cannot say there was a single new “BEST” technique to highlight. I had three in particular that spiked the cool-o-meter, but everything was efficient & brutal. We like this, no?

I quite enjoyed doing the first 3 forms at the beginning of the day on Friday. BASICS; cannot go anywhere without them. The focus on the First Rule of Wing Chun was the standout aspect of the seminar. We really mixed it up! We put a nice point on the end of 2015 with some high quality training; I think we can all agree – OWWW!

Thanks JC for helping me with my rifle game. As always my hat is off to ALL of the road warriors. Echoing Bobby, your actions speak loud & we hear & respect you. To the newer guys: keep going over what you have learned so that you do not lose any of it over time. Really, that applies to
all of us.

SiFu you always bring forth good WC things, but I think you may have outdone yourself with this one. Anxiously awaiting the next time!” -Enero

“Thanks to Doc for the continued knowledge and journey into the rabbit hole. I went to this seminar especially for the knife part and Doc never fails to deliver.” -JC

“What a great seminar!!!! The guys that travel so far show such dedication and desire to improve their Wing Chun abilities. It was great to see old friends and meet new ones to train with, thank you Justin for the firearms training to go along with the self defense that Doc teaches us and thanks to Sifu Doc for continuing the advancement of my Wing Chun by helping me to get closer to doing the techniques to a high level of perfection and for showing us that there is no limit to the depth of your understanding of Wing Chun.
And Smiley, I hope your eye and shin are okay.” Bobby



Dec Annual 2015 Holt FL Completed1


21-23 Aug 2015 Shadow Seminar Completed

August 27th, 2015 No comments

Florida Wing Chun”

“Thanks SiFu for all the information that you transmitted in words & more so deeds. I felt those pinning legs & “trapping” feet – I know you!!!

Tip of the hat to all my Shadowhand dudes that made the scene, good times had by all. Looking toward attaining new heights in my WC & the next seminar.

Echoing the words of appreciation for the use of the property – thanks Bobby! Your place is a perfect, distraction-free environment to get down to WC business.


“Thanks again to my Sifu Doug , for pounding everything down and telling us time and time again to ” Go to the source”. Its the way it was pounded down to him and I’m forever grateful for this pounding. Without that I would not have had the opportunity to experience the same (kinda) pounding he got. Thank you Doc.” -Todd

“…I would simply say, that I count myself fortunate that In these last few days, I have dwelt with family and I have beheld the hearts of lions…in these last few days I have experienced self discovery and the lion within, and in these last few days I have witnessed Honor, Humility, Humor, Authenticity and Mastery, I have witnessed Shadowhand… I have stood IN THE PRESENCE OF… SAO YIN.” -Steve

“Recently I was asked why I still choose to continue to learn from Sifu Doc, since in their opinion it will be very unlikely that anyone will ever mess with me and if they did I will most likely seriously injure any attacker. My response was,” every time I train with Doc, my Wing Chun brothers, or someone wanting to try there stuff against me, I learn more from those experiences. This past weekend proves that statement, I learned so much from everyone there and from Sifu Doc’s insight that there is no way I could progress without that experience. Anyone who thinks they can learn all they need in just a few short years and then be able to fill in the gaps themselves is in for a rude awakening, perhaps like someone putting them in a rear naked choke hold in front of an entire class and not be able to get out of it.” -Bobby

“Thanks to Doc for a great weekend. As always, learned a lot, refreshed a lot, and got to spend the hours with quality like-minded individuals on the same journey.  Thanks to Bobby for the use of the training location (and range!)…” -Justin

“Thanks, SiGung, for yet another excellent seminar! I greatly appreciate the Q&A time, the corrections in how I perform the Forms and drills, and the bits of information that can be missed if we’re not paying close attention (i.e. the “toys” that have been finding their way out of the attic). I feel very fortunate to be a part of the Shadowhand family. It’s been just over a year since receiving my “emancipation papers” from the plantation, and I feel like my training since then has taken quantum leaps forward, even though I know there is still so much more to learn! It’s nice to have a teacher who doesn’t teach with the emergency brake on (one who doesn’t brag to others about holding back or keeping students “one degree off”). Looking through my notebook and comparing it to the outline in the instructor’s manual and the Power, Speed, and Flexibility manual, I can say one thing for sure: you have taught me a LOT of Wing Chun! Thank you again for accepting me. I’m eternally grateful to have YOU as my Source.  Bobby, Justin, Enero, et al.: It’s always a pleasure to train and fellowship with you. Your insights and pointers are invaluable to me, and I greatly appreciate you for the roles you all have played in my journey! Thank you!  Steve, my brother, you are an inspiration, and I always look forward to seeing you! Looking forward to next time!” -Ed



22 Aug 2015 Holt FL Completed



13-14 June Seminar

June 6th, 2015 No comments


“All material contained in seminars is copyrighted and cannot be used without expressed permission from SiFu Doc Savage.  Any violation will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. ” 

“Thanks again to everyone who attended this seminar!!! Special thanks to SiFu Beck and his Father for extending their hospitality and the great food Bill and Bobby provided for us.
These seminars are intended to advance the student to a level above the one they came with. The level they achieve depends on:
1. Not to let your preconceived ideas stop you from moving beyond this sticking point.
2. Ask copious questions of the facilitator, regardless of whether you think the question is “stupid” or not. You are here to “learn”. I am here to “teach”. I will hold nothing back. Or teach you 1’ off, ever!!!
3. Practice your forms at your level of training. Ask Me for corrections and the ways to improve on them.
4. Turn your horse 100 x’s a day. Lon Sao Di-Gon Sao and Quan Sao!
5. Practice moving around the sticks 30 minutes a day. Footwork is the key to “Shadowhand” Kung Fu.
6. The seminar doesn’t stop at 4 pm. We just take a break for food and rest. We go on till we get sleepy!
So, now you know what to do for and at the next seminar.
Good Luck!!!”
See you then, SiFu Doc Savage

“Another amazing seminar! Thank you again SiGung.. Doc, for sharing your knowledge and all the many needed corrections I received. I especially enjoyed the “Ask me anything” moments, regarding ‘any’ movement in any of the forms. They were awesome to be part of and watch, as we saw Doc begin at one point, and it often lead to a variety of applications. I’ll need more pages for all the extras that were covered in Chum Kil [many notes: lol]
Getting tweaked in 4 punch 102 as well as tweaking our structure and pressure in the Donchi sau drills were again, awesome.. as we then incorporated that knowledge into our rolling and lop drill.. into the lockout. NICE! O, and thanks again for that manual, Doc.
I appreciate the tips on the Wooden man, Doc, and I’m still transferring notes on those facial pressure points and the one on the leg, for the sneaky kick.
A big ‘Thank You’ to Bobby for a place to train and his folks for rustling up the chow. Thanks to all the ‘gang’, for helping the ‘old guy’ get it down, [cant wait to see you when you’re on Medicare lol] and meeting a couple more of my SiHing’s.
A special thanks to the guy in the corset, for his guidance and supplemental written material. Hope you’re up and running at the next one, SiFu.
You move, I move; You change, I change; You stop, I keep going. – SHADOWHAND – Hell yea!” – Philip

“Many many thanks to SiGong Doc, Sifu Bobby and his dad for the food and hospitality, E, as always, training with you is an adventure :), Adam was great seeing you again, Sifu Justin, best wishes on the rib may your days be pain free in the coming weeks.
Venturing down the rabbit hole with you guys is, as always, a mind blowing experience. A very valuable one. Knowledge that cannot be gained anywhere else.
Now, I have a idea of what questions to ask–finally. (I’m old and slow, but I’m getting there
Persevere, train, persevere more, train more.
Looking forward to the next one, definitely” – Captain J

“Thank you Sigung Doc for allowing me to participate in this past seminar! It was probably the most amazing thing I’ve ever experienced. It was nothing like I expected but everything I hoped It would be. I will retained what I’ve learned and practice diligently and prove that the knowledge bestowed upon me will not be in vain. My motivation has skyrocketed! Your teachings have really inspired me. After meeting your disciples and the rest of the Shadowhand family I know this is where I want to be, this is what I want to do! I look forward to your next seminar! Thank you again Sigung Doc for the opportunity to participate and for the wisdom you’ve opened my mind to! Thank you Sifu Jay for extending Sigung Docs invitation to me and for your training! Thank you Enero for the subtleties and nuances and insight, Sifu Bobby for the one on one your technique is truly magnificent,Sifu Ed,Sifu Adam,Sifu Steve,Sifu Justin all the disciples and Sifus. Y’all are a terrific group of guys and I can comfortably wear my colors with pride! Thanks again for Sigung Doc this has truly been a life changing event for me!” – Mark

“Seminar was great. Direct all questions to Sifu Doc Savage, he’s the one with the goods.” – Aiden

“Thanks Doc for the overload. I haven’t gotten past going over the forms etc. since Sunday . Daily forms with a few drills thrown in are the best right after a seminar. Thanks to everyone for the great lessons and great pounding. Looking forward to the next one.” – Todd

“Thank you SiGong Doc for a great Seminar! It is absolutely amazing to observe and learn as you harmonize any selected movement to it’s place in the forms! My understanding grows exponentially in just a very short time at each seminar I attend!  Thank you to Bobby for the hospitality to both me and Spanky!  To Justin, Enero, Ed, Jay, Aiden and all my Shadowhand Brothers, it was awesome seeing everyone again, and meeting new faces as well!  I had a really awesome time and look forward to the next time!” – Steve

“First, thank you SiGong Doc Savage for overloading my feeble mind with just how much there is behind every single movement we make in the forms and drills and how they ALL connect. It is humbling and eye-opening to see just how much I have yet to learn. Knowing that is one thing, experiencing it firsthand is so much more meaningful. I am grateful for your generous sharing of the art of Wing Chun!  Next, thank you to Bobby and his family for their generous hospitality. The food and lodging was excellent and made the trip possible for many of us. I also appreciate the headache you gave me as a bonus!  Finally, it was great to meet all of my other brothers who were there. I got so much training with everyone. Thank you all for your patience, training and corrections. You guys are the best!  I am certainly looking forward to the next time I can make the trip!” – Jeremy

“Thank you SiFu Doc for another great seminar. Very informative. I have much to learn and work on. Enjoyed working out with everyone and meeting some new folks. Ez E always a pleasure. Ed, your welcome! Lol! Justin, I hope you have a speedy recovery. Big thanks to Bobby and his parents for the great hospitality. Looking forwarded to the next one.” –Adam

“Thank you again, SiGong, for yet another excellent seminar! While I’m always glad to learn directly from you, I was especially happy that others from Memphis got to see you, hear some funny stories, and receive corrections in their Wing Chun. I can’t say “Thank you” enough for accepting us and freely teaching the Art that was taught to you. It’s one thing to hear a man *tell* you the correct application, but you go much further and *show* the “what, why, and how” of everything we do. You always embody the statement, “The proof is in the punch.” Again, thank you.  Bobby, thank you for the lodging and vittles. I always appreciate your input and pointers in helping us. Justin (aka McRib lol), even though we didn’t get to work together, it was a pleasure seeing you and getting your input and help. Eazy E-nero, you the training, dialogue, and advice are more than appreciated. You’re gonna have to let me see your notes some time! Todd, Scott, Phil, Capt. J (good job with your new student!), it was a blast! Adam, thank you for the headaches! Lol Steve, my Wilted Rose brother. I was so happy to see you and train with you! I’m grateful that we are on this path. Others can say whatever they want, but you and I know the TRUTH.  Again, thanks, SiGong. I have much to study, search, and test.” – Ed Holt

“Thanks to Doc for another great weekend of training. Always enlightening. Always so much more to learn. Quite humbling.
Good to see the Shadowhand crew from all corners come out for some solid brain expanding wing chun. As always, thanks to Bobby for the use of his home, and thanks to Bill for the burgers.  See you at the next one.” – Justin

“SiFu Doc Savage, thanks again for another top quality seminar! Always informative, challenging, frustrating, & above all fun. Getting into the finer points of Shadowhand WC motivates me to turn the microscope on & take a deeper look at the forms. Something that you always say to do in the first place. I am shown new things at every seminar & this one was no exception. On this journey up the WC mountain people & things help you along the way; to that end “Thanks” everybody that came to train. Training with you was great & even the new guys brought some heat – great questions & energy. Good to see everybody, the usual offenders, the new faces (Mark & Jeremy) & my old classmate Adam (glad you could make it.) As most of the attendees are getting after it on the highways, drive safe & see you in a while.
Lay off the McRibs!” – EZ Enero

13 June 2015 Holt Pic Wing Chun


13 June 2015 Holt FL Completed

18 Apr 15 Knife Fighting Seminar

April 2nd, 2015 No comments

Florida Wing Chun

SiFu Doc Savage held a  knife fighting seminar at Liza Jackson Park on Sat, 18 Apr 2015.

“Hey, Doc,

Just wanted to thank you for such a great seminar. As usual you’ve given me so much detailed information, easily understood and readily usable. Your patience and ability to explain the topic at hand gives me the tools to problem solve where most of my questions I end up answering myself. I’ve never been to any of your seminars where one person left with an unanswered question. With even such little exposure to the info and a small amount of practiced you know one can only do so much in an eight hour day. I walked away with the confidence that I am better off now at either end of the blade, and that’s saying a lot because blades can be scary, especially to the novice. Please thank everyone: Bobby, Enero, Aiden. Hopefully JC will make the next one. Thank you very much!” –Patrick Kelly Fox

“With the sun just coming up and features hidden, I could only make out dark figures.. but even at a 100 yards I could still recognize the big, stocky man with the ponytail as my Sigung.. the one and only Doc Savage!
Now when I first heard Doc was going to do a seminar on knives.. KNIVES.. I really cant describe my excitement. Why? To set the stage, a person writing a book on the history of Wing Chun, and has done MUCH research on the different Ip/WC lineages, discovered that THE most aggressive and proficient student of Ip Man was a private student, Leung Shiu Hung.  This same student was mesmerized with learning Ba Zam Do, or WC knives. He discovered the exact blade placement for.. ‘quick kills’.. through it’s application on wild packs of dogs, as well as a few encounters with armed robbers.  This helps one to appreciate why over the years, S.E.A.L. Teams, FBI, etc., understood that Leung Shiu Hung, [OR American], DUNCAN Leung, with a blade, was the most dangerous man alive!  Ask yourself.. WHY else dedicate the training of these agents and their lives.. to Duncan.. for decades?  This ‘deeper’ knowledge of knives by Duncan, was passed on to Doc.. which HE is now sharing with US??  Now then.. do you realize that as I walk toward the pavilion, it ‘overwhelms me’ that I am about to be taught knife defense by the man knife experts consider one of the top two IN THE WORLD?  That being said,  Although I am very new to Shadowhand WC [less than a year] and this was only my second seminar.. as I am walking and get closer to the pavilion, it felt great to walk up and see my brothers . Ed.. I would like to talk more on the 7 stars. Enero, don’t know why you doubt yourself bro.. you truly have the gift!  I feel when you see me you must think.. DOH.. here’s that new guy. But if you do you hide it well. lol  Seriously, thank you for your patience, realizing what I’m doing wrong, [HUGE as a Sifu] and taking time to correct me. Thank you!  Bobby, wished I had more time to train with you [and get that mayo recipe].  It was great meeting and training with the rest of you! Doc.. Sigung.. THANK YOU for passing this on to us!  I’ve been in MA for decades and have seen politics and ego. Yet with you, in the morning after my 3rd question, YOU then approached ME all seminar, and like a kid on ADD and chomping at the bit, asked if I had any questions for you [which I did] and you freely, and eagerly answered.  Where the hell were you 20-30 years ago?? lolJust wish Sifu Corey could have made it.”  –Philip

“Once again Sifu Doc Savage proves he is one of the greatest martial arts instructors in the world !!! I am proud to call Sifu Doc my friend and teacher. Thank you Doc for such a great seminar!!! And thank you to all who attended , the willingness to train and help each other was outstanding. The knowledge that was shared and friendships made can only come from a group of individuals united in a common goal. The goal was to learn from the best and that we did. Special thanks to Bobby for being so helpful and sharing with his knowledge. I hope to train again with everyone soon.”  –Curtis Porter

“Yet another awesome seminar, training DOC SAVAGE Wing Chun. There is no price tag that can be placed on the opportunity to learn directly from The SOURCE. Thank you, SiGung, for your openness and enthusiasm; the experience is truly a blast, all pain aside! LOL :) Even the few moments during the break, where you helped me improve my elbow pressure, were more than worth making the trip. In just 10 months with you, I have nearly filled my notebook that I bought four years ago, and I know that its contents only scratch the surface of what you have to offer those dedicated to learning!  Bobby, Enero, and others: Thank you for your input, suggestions, insights, and fellowship. Training with you brothers makes the pain fun, humorous, and enlightening. I always look forward to seeing you whenever I’m in town! Shadowhand. F@%*$ YEAH!  SiGung, thanks again for welcoming us and for ever reminding us to “Learn the lessons of the drills” and “Keep It Simple, Stupid.” – Ed Holt

“As always it was an incredible and eye opening seminar. After all this time Doc still has so much to teach it is mind boggling, as the saying goes,” the more I learn the less I know.”
It was great to train with all my Kung fu brothers and the dedication you show is inspiring, I look forward to our next encounter. Remember when your ego does not get in the way of your training there are no limits to what can be learned.” –Bobby

” Thanks to all who attended!
Thank you for your time and effort!
Thank you for working so hard!
Thanks for everything! You are the best of the best!!!”
SiFu Savage


SHADOWHAND Knife Fighting Seminar

18 Apr 2015 Knife Fighting Completed

“All material contained in seminars is copyrighted and cannot be used without expressed permission from SiFu Doc Savage.  Any violation will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. ” 

7-8 Feb Flash Seminar 2015

January 25th, 2015 No comments


SiFu Doc Savage hosted a flash seminar early Feb 2015.  Thanks to all who were able to attend attending.

“It’s always great to train with everyone. Thanks again, SiGong, for such an informative (and ball shattering) seminar! :) Thanks, Bobby, for the lodging and for allowing me to run into your fist a few times. Justin, as always, I’m grateful for your insights, the video of —-, and for the shooting lesson. Panama City brothers, it was a blast! Enero, thanks again for your tips/pointers!

I appreciate all of you for receiving me and the others from Memphis when things seemed uncertain. We’re here for the longhaul (though I don’t know how many more cowboy burgers I can take lol). Shadowhand.”  – Ed


“Great seminar. Excellent skill-building drills and scenarios. SiFu Doc always delivers. Thanks to Bobby for use of the training location. Good to see the PC and Memphis guys still learning and training. Now, gotta go find some motrin! haha
PS: when in doubt…it’s all in your forms. ”  JC


“It still amazes me how much Sifu Doc has to share, I have been training with Sifu Doc Savage for over 12 years and he still shows me techniques to use in scenarios that I have not yet seen. Maybe he is just dragging me along or maybe he has such a deep understanding of Wing Chun that as I learn more he is able to teach me more. I understand there are those who could ” destroy” me in a confrontation but maybe with continued commitment and training I will be able to protect myself and my family from such individuals.
It was great to train with my new found Memphis family, and Ed I hope I didn’t ruin the disillusion you had with how easy it is to get out of the ” rear naked choke hold.” And Justin I will be sure to work on my hitting skills so as not to disappoint you again by how soft my hands are and how weak my hits are.
Thanks to everyone who continues to show commitment and dedication.” Bobby

“All material contained in seminars is copyrighted and cannot be used without expressed permission from SiFu Doc Savage.  Any violation will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. ” 



November 27th, 2014 No comments


“Excellent Shadowhand Wing Chun seminar this past weekend!
In three years with White Rose, I got a jacked-up version of 14 Gon Sau drills. In one weekend with SiFu Doc Savage, the creator of the Gon Sau drills, I learned 1-28. We also learned Close-up Drills and some of the Wooden Man Form. No stringing students along in Shadowhand!!!”
– SiFu Ed Holt, Dec. 2014
Memphis Shadowhand Wing Chun

“Thank you SiGong Doc for the privilege of training at your Seminar this December. Although I have only been training Shadowhand for a few months, my level of understanding increased tremendously. This was due, in part, not only from your uncanny ability to catch an error from yards away, stop the class to have them watch as you thoroughly explained the error, but also the patient corrections I received from ALL the teachers I had the benefit to train with. I would encourage all students, no matter how short a time you have been training, to seek out a seminar you believe you’d be comfortable with and set your goal to attend!
I would also like to thank Bobby for his input as well as the area to train, and his father Bill for providing the vitals. Thanks again brothers for your patience, as I’m saving for the next seminar while I start to assimilate the impressive amount of knowledge from my notes.”  – Philip

“Great Seminar SiFu, walking away with tons of knowledge and concept to practice and absorb. thank you Bobby and Family for the place to stay and the food was great!!! Please tell your Dad I said thanks :) Always nice to see him.. thanks you Sifu Justin for all you do for me, to help make it possible for me to make it down to see and train with everyone. Hope to see you all soon..” – Edward

“Greetings Sifu Doc, that was a great seminar as all your seminars are great. Tell Bobby thank you for the breakfast & lunch. We went over so much material that some of it did sink in, & a big thank you for your seminars & training. Tell all my kung fu brothers thank you for training with me. I enjoyed it & see you all in 365 days. Yours truly”  – Francis Jackson

“Another great seminar! Sifu Doc can always show you something new in a drill you’ve done a ton of times, fine tuning techniques and furthering our understanding of Wing Chun concepts and applications. If you want to learn and willing to put in the time and effort, you couldn’t find a better source. Thanks to everyone that made the event a success!”  -Chris

“Another amazing seminar! Unfortunately I was only able to spend one day but even after being a student for 5 years I still learned something new. Thanks to all my wing chun brothers for their hospitality and phenomenal training. It’s always nice to be able to turn up the heat and receive the same with no bit***ng. Thank you SiFu for all you’ve taught and done for me. Peace my bros!” -Ryan

“What an awesome seminar! So much information, so freely shared in such a short span of time! I thank you SiGong Savage for the opportunity to train with you! SiFu Bobby thank you for the hospitality! SiFu Justin, I think you’ve traumatized my dog…he used to trust people…thank you for his new found vigilance! To everyone else who embraced me in brotherhood…you guys rock!” -Steve

“Thank you SiFu Doc for an enlightening seminar. Amazes me how much more there is to WC.
The private on Thursday was awesome!
Nice thorough review of the Gon Sau drills and the Close Up drills.
Especially enlightening for me was the footwork; the use of 2nd form concepts; Bil Jee hands; and, as always… the importance of good elbow pressure! ;-)
Big thank you to Bill and Bobby for their tireless hospitality.
Great to train with all the visiting Shadowhand students and instructors.
Enero: sorry about the Gwat Sau hahaha
Slap Nuts: sorry about that Jum Sau to the clavicle ;)
Luigi : sorry bout them nutz!
Bobby: wish you hit harder…. (sissy)
Democrat: you deserved every beating I gave you! Haha
Steve: sorry about the dog! :)
America………..F**k Yeah!”  -Justin

“Another banging seminar! Love training with the guys old & new! Saving up for the next one already! BTW the on-site lunch idea is a major improvement even if you are brown-bagging it. For future outings I issue this challenge: show up with twenty (20) fighting questions in hand! Let’s see WC from your perspective; might be something we don’t think about any more/take for granted as a given/or in my case never considered in the first place. While we have such a great source at our disposal we need to maximize!!!!
Until the next time, THANKS DOC.
ummm to the rest of you wussies: catch you later. ;D”  -EZ

“Thank you to all that attended this year’s seminar!  Thanks to Bill and Bobby for the wonderful food and a place for the students to train! From Texas to Maine, South Florida to Tennessee we are brothers dedicated to the preservation of Wing Chun Kung Fu! Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!”  SiFu Doc Savage

“All material contained in seminars is copyrighted and cannot be used without expressed permission from SiFu Doc Savage.  Any violation will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. ” 

15-16 Nov 14 Flash Seminar Complete

November 4th, 2014 No comments

Wing Chun FL

SiFu Doc Savage hosted a flash seminar 15-16Nov 14 in Holt, FL .

“Thank you SiFu Doc for another great seminar and adding more tools to the WC tool shed. Thanks SiFu Bobby for providing us a place to train and knocking loose the cobwebs. It was good to see and train with everyone again. A pleasure meeting the Memphis crew. Hope to see you all in the near future. Until next time.” – Adam Rose

“Thank you, SiGong, for another information-packed seminar. As always, I appreciate your insights and direction in helping me to improve my practice. I am grateful to everyone else for the comradery, insights, pointers, laughs, and headaches from the hits! Thank you, Bobby, for providing us lodging during our stay and for making us feel right at home, as well as the shockwaves through my head when I ran into your fists. Thanks again, Justin, for helping me with the second Four Punch drill and with my Chi Sau. Captain J, it was great meeting you and Joseph; we’re looking forward to training again! Enero, as always, thanks for sharing your experiences and insights, and for being funny as hell at the most off-beat moments! I can’t wait to see everyone next month!” – Ed

“Great seminar. Great training. Great comradeship.
Good to see the Memphis and Mississippi crew. Keep at it fellas.
And another thank you to SiFu Bobby for the use of his home, and fists… :)
Much gratitude and appreciation to SiFu Doc for furthering my journey into the Matrix. I still have much to learn! Its all about the minute details.”
-SiFu Corey

“Latest & Greatest WC Findings: (in no particular order)
1) Origin of the primary hands used in Steal & Seal. (In front of my face all the time, but thanks to the pointers I see them.)
2) SLT, CK, BJ Fok saos.
3) SLT, CK, BJ elbow positioning & movements.
4) CK Tok sao sections!
5) Reminder that we are to take the space between the sticks & DRIVE in!
6) Reminder: Relax but maintain elbow pressure at all times!
7) Better use of the lines in training. My previous usage only scratched the surface of the potential of simple lines. Huge difference!

Fun training as per the norm. Good training as per the norm. Thanks to Bobby for providing the location. Thanks to all the regular attendees (Bobby, Jason, Todd, Scott, Aiden) & the new regulars (Ed & Kelly) & the irregulars (Jerry) & the brand new (Joseph) – (you know who you are; it was great training with you) & welcome back Adam! Thanks to SiFu Savage for once again shining the light on WC & taking such an interest in our improvement along the pathway to WC mastery.

Pounded down,not handed down.” – EZ


“I cant wait till the next seminar, this one was great but since all of our wingchun family will be joining in December I forsee a more information packed seminar next time.


“Awesome Shadowhand Seminar!!

Once again shown WHY Shadowhand is so much more effective than others. Once again shown proper technique and Soooo much more.
Once again given MASSIVE clues haha.
Training with The Sigong and The Masters is always extremely enlightening, though-provoking, and proves “the concept”.

I especially enjoyed the correct “seed tossing” technique, the correct way of building… callouses on the inside of your arms, and the armpit crossover maneuver haha

It was also a pleasure the meet Sifu Ed Holt and Kelly from Memphis Shadowhand Wing Chun , very honorable and knowledgeable Shadowhand Brothers to the north. Looking forward to continuing our path together, and as always was a great pleasure to be able to train with SiFu Doc Savage Sifu Adam Rose Sifu Justin, Sifu Bobby Beck Master E, Ryan Corley and the rest. The knowledge imparted by the Shadowhand Masters is, bar none, priceless.
And as always–has never come from a Lillie flower.” – Central Mississippi Wing Chun – Shadowhand

Shadowhand Wing CHun

Shadowhand Wing Chun Pole

17-18 Oct Combat Chi Sau Seminar Holt, FL

September 30th, 2014 No comments

Florida Wing Chun

SiFu Doc Savage hosted a seminar on Combat Chi Sau in Holt, Fl.  This was open to all lineages.

“Each time I come to Florida to learn Shadowhand Wing Chun, I leave with a wealth of information that surpasses all that I’d learned previously. Thanks, SiGong, for your willingness to accept me and teach me when those guys in the rose garden lied on me and accused me of all sorts of idiotic mess. At times, I’m embarrassed to show what I’d been taught over the last three years because what I’d learned was different from what you’ve been teaching. And the difference is not because you changed anything, but because of the other guy changing something or just not having it in the first place.

I can’t say “Thank You” enough to SiGong, Bobby (for the lodging and the bruise on my leg lol), Justin (good side kick), Enero (for the pointers and conversation), and everyone else for the opportunity to improve my skill and share in the fellowship. I’m thankful that Doc Savage is the type of teacher who enjoys answering questions, giving examples, and sharing his knowledge and wisdom. Thank you for helping me with so much, specifically with my footwork and forms, and for teaching me the RIGHT way to do the Steal and Seal and to do Lop Sau! I’m looking forward to the next seminar!”


“Another information overload weekend! (M i n d – b o t t l i n g ! ;) ha ha) Coming back to basics only to find that, yes I missed that & I’ve seen it 1000 times. In specific the Steal & Seal footwork when moving backwards. I totally freelanced my own technique on that one & have often wondered “Why is my lead foot getting stepped on so frequently?” Abre los ojos mijo…the light is on now. Thanks SiFu! The issue of maintaining forward pressure while moving backwards still looms large but hey, I’m not PhD at this WC biz just yet. The only thing missing this seminar were the guys who were missing this seminar, & I hope to see them again soon.

So to SiFu, Bobby, Justin, rAiden the lightning god, Todd, Scott, Ed, Kelly, & Nick I say thanks for bringing good energy & attitudes with you. My hat is off to all Tennessee Shadowhanders – aka those hard-driving dudes. No doubt getting the raw uncut WC is always worth the trip, but that’s real dedication to the art! You guys inspire me to get off my butt & train. NW Florida crew will keep training so that we can always play our supporting role in making those long trips worthwhile.

Position; Angle; Pressure.
Receive (what comes); Follow (what goes); Hit (what let’s go.)
Study; Search; Test. ” – EZ

“Yesterday as I was going to church I ran into a buddy who was a former Army Ranger, he introduced me to his Special Forces buddy he served with and mentioned that he has studied Wing Chun as well. After a few minutes of discussion he asked who I trained under and I said Doc Savage, his response was,” wow I heard of him, he is one bad dude.”
I am so thankful to have the honor to not only get to meet the legend but to train under and to call him my friend. Anyone who would give that up because of ego is an idiot.”  -Bobby

“Another seminar, and another reminder of how little I know about wing chun…especially when interacting with SiFu Doc and my Shadowhand brothers. Many thanks to SiFu Doc for imparting the details of wing chun to us. As always, a big thanks to Bobby for the use of his training area and facilities…and the use of his fists and feet in order to drive home certain lessons! hahaha.
Memphis crew: a long drive, lots of lost sleep…but hopefully the trip was worth it! Ed: thanks for letting my side kick through to find its way to your chest! :)
I’d just like to say that the person I was most impressed with was Aiden. That boy gets better and better each time I visit and yet he is humble and open to all the various Seniors who work with him, etc. Well done Aiden.
Thanks to Enero and Bobby for the side bar conversations and training opportunities.
It is always a long drive for me, but always worth it ten times over.
Till the next visit…….”  -Justin

“Great seminar once again, the drills to teach and enhance our chi Sao are mind boggling. I would like to thank Justin for making the trip to Holt, as always you make sure I do my part correct or I get hit. I also want to thank Sifu Doc for continuing to improve my skill level. Thanks als to all the guys who showed up with an open mind and great attitude that makes the seminar fun. Finally I want to thank Ed for educating me on the proper Wude, I never would have known I was supposed to stand and wait for Sifu to choose his seat before I could sit.”  Bobby

“The seminar was great, I guess you could say our teacher, Doc, deserves a STANDING ovation. I hope the Memphis crew had a good time. I also hope that we will have a great turnout at the next gather up.” – Aiden

“Thanks to all that attended the seminar. My thanks to SiFu Bobby who’s generous use of his home in Holt to accommodate all that attended, without which the seminar would have not been so successful.
I enjoyed the great feeling of family among my SHADOWHAND Brothers. Hard work and lots of pounding down was at hand! Keep up the good work and we will see you next time in December for the three day festival in Holt!” – SiFu Doc Savage