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11-13 Dec 15 Annual Seminar

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Florida Wing Chun Annual Seminar

“December 2015 is in the record books. We learned lots of fantastic techniques; cannot say there was a single new “BEST” technique to highlight. I had three in particular that spiked the cool-o-meter, but everything was efficient & brutal. We like this, no?

I quite enjoyed doing the first 3 forms at the beginning of the day on Friday. BASICS; cannot go anywhere without them. The focus on the First Rule of Wing Chun was the standout aspect of the seminar. We really mixed it up! We put a nice point on the end of 2015 with some high quality training; I think we can all agree – OWWW!

Thanks JC for helping me with my rifle game. As always my hat is off to ALL of the road warriors. Echoing Bobby, your actions speak loud & we hear & respect you. To the newer guys: keep going over what you have learned so that you do not lose any of it over time. Really, that applies to
all of us.

SiFu you always bring forth good WC things, but I think you may have outdone yourself with this one. Anxiously awaiting the next time!” -Enero

“Thanks to Doc for the continued knowledge and journey into the rabbit hole. I went to this seminar especially for the knife part and Doc never fails to deliver.” -JC

“What a great seminar!!!! The guys that travel so far show such dedication and desire to improve their Wing Chun abilities. It was great to see old friends and meet new ones to train with, thank you Justin for the firearms training to go along with the self defense that Doc teaches us and thanks to Sifu Doc for continuing the advancement of my Wing Chun by helping me to get closer to doing the techniques to a high level of perfection and for showing us that there is no limit to the depth of your understanding of Wing Chun.
And Smiley, I hope your eye and shin are okay.” Bobby



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