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21-23 Aug 2015 Shadow Seminar Completed

August 27th, 2015

Florida Wing Chun”

“Thanks SiFu for all the information that you transmitted in words & more so deeds. I felt those pinning legs & “trapping” feet – I know you!!!

Tip of the hat to all my Shadowhand dudes that made the scene, good times had by all. Looking toward attaining new heights in my WC & the next seminar.

Echoing the words of appreciation for the use of the property – thanks Bobby! Your place is a perfect, distraction-free environment to get down to WC business.


“Thanks again to my Sifu Doug , for pounding everything down and telling us time and time again to ” Go to the source”. Its the way it was pounded down to him and I’m forever grateful for this pounding. Without that I would not have had the opportunity to experience the same (kinda) pounding he got. Thank you Doc.” -Todd

“…I would simply say, that I count myself fortunate that In these last few days, I have dwelt with family and I have beheld the hearts of lions…in these last few days I have experienced self discovery and the lion within, and in these last few days I have witnessed Honor, Humility, Humor, Authenticity and Mastery, I have witnessed Shadowhand… I have stood IN THE PRESENCE OF… SAO YIN.” -Steve

“Recently I was asked why I still choose to continue to learn from Sifu Doc, since in their opinion it will be very unlikely that anyone will ever mess with me and if they did I will most likely seriously injure any attacker. My response was,” every time I train with Doc, my Wing Chun brothers, or someone wanting to try there stuff against me, I learn more from those experiences. This past weekend proves that statement, I learned so much from everyone there and from Sifu Doc’s insight that there is no way I could progress without that experience. Anyone who thinks they can learn all they need in just a few short years and then be able to fill in the gaps themselves is in for a rude awakening, perhaps like someone putting them in a rear naked choke hold in front of an entire class and not be able to get out of it.” -Bobby

“Thanks to Doc for a great weekend. As always, learned a lot, refreshed a lot, and got to spend the hours with quality like-minded individuals on the same journey.  Thanks to Bobby for the use of the training location (and range!)…” -Justin

“Thanks, SiGung, for yet another excellent seminar! I greatly appreciate the Q&A time, the corrections in how I perform the Forms and drills, and the bits of information that can be missed if we’re not paying close attention (i.e. the “toys” that have been finding their way out of the attic). I feel very fortunate to be a part of the Shadowhand family. It’s been just over a year since receiving my “emancipation papers” from the plantation, and I feel like my training since then has taken quantum leaps forward, even though I know there is still so much more to learn! It’s nice to have a teacher who doesn’t teach with the emergency brake on (one who doesn’t brag to others about holding back or keeping students “one degree off”). Looking through my notebook and comparing it to the outline in the instructor’s manual and the Power, Speed, and Flexibility manual, I can say one thing for sure: you have taught me a LOT of Wing Chun! Thank you again for accepting me. I’m eternally grateful to have YOU as my Source.  Bobby, Justin, Enero, et al.: It’s always a pleasure to train and fellowship with you. Your insights and pointers are invaluable to me, and I greatly appreciate you for the roles you all have played in my journey! Thank you!  Steve, my brother, you are an inspiration, and I always look forward to seeing you! Looking forward to next time!” -Ed



22 Aug 2015 Holt FL Completed



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