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17-18 Oct Combat Chi Sau Seminar Holt, FL

September 30th, 2014

Florida Wing Chun

SiFu Doc Savage hosted a seminar on Combat Chi Sau in Holt, Fl.  This was open to all lineages.

“Each time I come to Florida to learn Shadowhand Wing Chun, I leave with a wealth of information that surpasses all that I’d learned previously. Thanks, SiGong, for your willingness to accept me and teach me when those guys in the rose garden lied on me and accused me of all sorts of idiotic mess. At times, I’m embarrassed to show what I’d been taught over the last three years because what I’d learned was different from what you’ve been teaching. And the difference is not because you changed anything, but because of the other guy changing something or just not having it in the first place.

I can’t say “Thank You” enough to SiGong, Bobby (for the lodging and the bruise on my leg lol), Justin (good side kick), Enero (for the pointers and conversation), and everyone else for the opportunity to improve my skill and share in the fellowship. I’m thankful that Doc Savage is the type of teacher who enjoys answering questions, giving examples, and sharing his knowledge and wisdom. Thank you for helping me with so much, specifically with my footwork and forms, and for teaching me the RIGHT way to do the Steal and Seal and to do Lop Sau! I’m looking forward to the next seminar!”


“Another information overload weekend! (M i n d – b o t t l i n g ! ;) ha ha) Coming back to basics only to find that, yes I missed that & I’ve seen it 1000 times. In specific the Steal & Seal footwork when moving backwards. I totally freelanced my own technique on that one & have often wondered “Why is my lead foot getting stepped on so frequently?” Abre los ojos mijo…the light is on now. Thanks SiFu! The issue of maintaining forward pressure while moving backwards still looms large but hey, I’m not PhD at this WC biz just yet. The only thing missing this seminar were the guys who were missing this seminar, & I hope to see them again soon.

So to SiFu, Bobby, Justin, rAiden the lightning god, Todd, Scott, Ed, Kelly, & Nick I say thanks for bringing good energy & attitudes with you. My hat is off to all Tennessee Shadowhanders – aka those hard-driving dudes. No doubt getting the raw uncut WC is always worth the trip, but that’s real dedication to the art! You guys inspire me to get off my butt & train. NW Florida crew will keep training so that we can always play our supporting role in making those long trips worthwhile.

Position; Angle; Pressure.
Receive (what comes); Follow (what goes); Hit (what let’s go.)
Study; Search; Test. ” – EZ

“Yesterday as I was going to church I ran into a buddy who was a former Army Ranger, he introduced me to his Special Forces buddy he served with and mentioned that he has studied Wing Chun as well. After a few minutes of discussion he asked who I trained under and I said Doc Savage, his response was,” wow I heard of him, he is one bad dude.”
I am so thankful to have the honor to not only get to meet the legend but to train under and to call him my friend. Anyone who would give that up because of ego is an idiot.”  -Bobby

“Another seminar, and another reminder of how little I know about wing chun…especially when interacting with SiFu Doc and my Shadowhand brothers. Many thanks to SiFu Doc for imparting the details of wing chun to us. As always, a big thanks to Bobby for the use of his training area and facilities…and the use of his fists and feet in order to drive home certain lessons! hahaha.
Memphis crew: a long drive, lots of lost sleep…but hopefully the trip was worth it! Ed: thanks for letting my side kick through to find its way to your chest! :)
I’d just like to say that the person I was most impressed with was Aiden. That boy gets better and better each time I visit and yet he is humble and open to all the various Seniors who work with him, etc. Well done Aiden.
Thanks to Enero and Bobby for the side bar conversations and training opportunities.
It is always a long drive for me, but always worth it ten times over.
Till the next visit…….”  -Justin

“Great seminar once again, the drills to teach and enhance our chi Sao are mind boggling. I would like to thank Justin for making the trip to Holt, as always you make sure I do my part correct or I get hit. I also want to thank Sifu Doc for continuing to improve my skill level. Thanks als to all the guys who showed up with an open mind and great attitude that makes the seminar fun. Finally I want to thank Ed for educating me on the proper Wude, I never would have known I was supposed to stand and wait for Sifu to choose his seat before I could sit.”  Bobby

“The seminar was great, I guess you could say our teacher, Doc, deserves a STANDING ovation. I hope the Memphis crew had a good time. I also hope that we will have a great turnout at the next gather up.” – Aiden

“Thanks to all that attended the seminar. My thanks to SiFu Bobby who’s generous use of his home in Holt to accommodate all that attended, without which the seminar would have not been so successful.
I enjoyed the great feeling of family among my SHADOWHAND Brothers. Hard work and lots of pounding down was at hand! Keep up the good work and we will see you next time in December for the three day festival in Holt!” – SiFu Doc Savage




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