Posted by: SiFu Leung – October 3, 2002

You should get in touch with “Doc” Savage in Ft. Walton Beach. His link is on my website.

His contact info is:

SiFu Doc Savage at (website was changed here to reflect the current address location from the previous website executive-fitness).

He has been a student and friend for years. He can give you a lot of information in that part of the state.

Thanks for writing.

SiFu Duncan Leung


September 16, 2014
…”I Can tell you Duncan was in all the magazines in the 80’s as “the dark genius of WC” Due to his ability to train his students to be Proficient in Combat.
Back in the day when I joined Duncan if was after he “mellowed” I was told and students were no longer going home bloody.
NOT that Duncan was abusive but that he was teaching Combat fighting not the watered down touchy-feely crap people do today.
Doc came from the early/old days when class Was Combat fighting and training, when I got there a few years later I trained with Doc and them and Was Glad they were holding back some as I learned but I could tell they were taking it easy, cutting the power…………….but you could still feel it was there and ready.
You got a choice, play touchy feely tag, barely touch crap and set your students up to getting their ass beat = Or Prepare your students for Combat. It’s a fine line and balance teaching Real Combat style but do no contact damage.
You Got to block Real Hits to learn to Block Real Hits.
Just my two cents worth having known Duncan, Doc and all the old boys of Our Family line………..and remember, It Is a Family line, start respecting each other that way if not the general practitioner mutual respect we are supposed to have.”
SiFu T.E. Ashley, USN Honorably Retired & DAV.


January 11, 2014

Just an update.. we kinda got involved in an impromptu “meet and greet” martial arts exhibition at the mall in Vicksburg, MS with several instructors of differing styles, mostly japanese styles.
Needless to say I was apprehensive about this.
What was I worried about haha. Shadowhand ruled the day. It turned out we had the most questions and the longest exhibition and freestyle. 
Thanks to the training of Sifu Doc, Sifu Dar, and Sifu Adam for imparting their shadowhand wing chun wisdom my way;  we had a blast and represented Shadowhand Wing Chun in a very positive way. If they didn’t know we were here before, they do now 
AND picked up more new students.

“Certified Instructor” Captain Jay


January 6, 2014

I train under Sifu Brian K. Edwards up in Fayetteville, NC who trained with Sifu Doc Savage when they mastered the Wing Chun System and I was able to train with Sifu Doc Savage just recently while I was visiting family in FL. I highly recommend learning from Sifu Savage if you are in his area.

I hope that my brother will be able to make it over to train and learn Wing Chun from you sooner than later. I am thankful to have met a training partner of my Sifu and also to expand the kung fu family; if I’m ever in the area again I’ll be sure to stop by. Thank you again Sifu Doc Savage, I’m glad we were able to meet.



November 8, 2013

For anyone looking to learn Wing Chun – this is a great place. The regular fee covers the Thursday & Saturday classes. The Saturday class is 2 hours & is typically the busier class. Since more students show up on Saturday it is possible to train with a lot of different energies, pressures, & skill levels. To me that makes the Saturday class invaluable. Having said that, the Thursday class has strengths of an entirely different variety. Thursday night ends up being more akin to a private lesson due to the smaller class size. Think of this class as the fine points of the WC system. It is short but packed with insightful gems. Lots of value for your buck! Your knowledge will expand with these two classes & some training on your own, but there are also the seminars. Private lessons are available. You can go as far as you want. SiFu is here to teach if you want to learn. In him you get to learn the system from a practitioner that not only loves WC but has also applied the art in real world situations. That logo: “Preserving the Self Defense Art of Wing Chun Kung Fu” is not just some catch phrase to reel in business. He loves WC & is serious about passing it on. If you are serious about learning WC you have found the right place. 



March 15, 2010

SiFu Doc,

I cannot thank you enough for coming to the Wing Chun Boxing Academy in Huntsville , Alabama and giving your valuable time, energy, and knowledge to help us advance our understanding and skills in Wing Chun. I am a better person, martial artist, teacher, and father as a result of your instruction and advice.

I have tried to relate your deep knowledge and skill to my students but nothing I have said could reflect the impact your presence has had here. As many of my students have said “I was blown away!”. I think that explains the general feelings of witnessing your abilities and knowledge.

With the greatest respect, I thank you for coming and sharing. Furthermore, please know how grateful and fortunate we are that you made the decision to teach me and my Kung Fu Brothers and Sisters. I shudder to think of the knowledge that would have been lost from you and Si Gung Leung had you decided not to pass it on.

I am very much looking forward to your next visit.

Sincerely and on behalf of the Wing Chun Boxing Academy,

Dustan L. Carroll



SiFu Doc Savage is my SiFu.

He and his teachings are the bitterest of teas. SiFu Doc Savage is not for the feint of heart and his teachings are an acquired taste. Those that have learned from the man (as his students and student’s of students have attested), know that he is an extremely knowledgeable and experienced SiFu with a passion and commitment to the science and art of Wing Chun. His methods may be unorthodox, and processes may seem completely backwards, but from everything I have seen and experienced, his approach is an efficient methodology to teach the martial art of Wing Chun, and it addresses from the start the greatest challenge students must overcome— themselves.

As stated in the Dao De Jing:
Knowing others is wisdom;
Knowing the self is enlightenment.
Mastering others requires force;
Mastering the self requires strength;

Before I met SiFu Doc Savage, I questioned his ability. But when I started learning, I quickly realized the depth of his knowledge and ability. And after coming full circle, I finally understand how subtle yet profound many of his lessons truly are. Irregardless of any criticism anyone may offer against SiFu Doc Savage, I will attest that he has been a true SiFu, a teacher and a father to me and his other students.

There will be those hesitant to believe anything I, or anyone else, have to say… Because of course, who am I? Excellent! Great Doubt is an essential element of koan (a Zen teaching riddle) practice. So if you are one of those people who absolutely do not believe anything you haven’t seen, heard, or experienced for yourself, then I encourage you to contact SiFu Doc Savage directly. He is a very knowledge Wing Chun SiFu.

I have chosen my words carefully, yet I understand that some people will not understand these words coming out of my mouth. I understand everyone has their critics. I understand everyone thinks and learns differently. I understand there are many knowledgeable and talented instructors out there. Bottom line is this. If you have the opportunity to learn Wing Chun from SiFu Doc Savage, do it.

Best Regards to All,
SiFu James Sasitorn


“Thank you all that attended the ceremony last night.  I thank Master Lawrence Day for the honor of being inducted into the Black Dragon Fighting Society and being recognized as a Shaolin Temple Disciple and Fighting Monk.  I will continue to uphold our standards and principles and never waver in the face of adversity.”    Written by SiFu Doc Savage



SiFu Doc Savage was made a honorary board member of the Black Dragon Fighting Society.

Click link.



“To SiFu Savage it is always a pleasure to see and be a part of traditional Martial Arts.  

Thanks…Harris Warren” 


I knew Doc back in the 70’s & 80’s when he trained in Virginia Beach with Sifu Leung. I always liked working with him more than some of the other students because he never complained if he got hit, he would just hit you back harder! (I liked that). I personally know that he has attained a high degree of skill in Wing Chun and has dedicated his life to its preservation. I for one have a great deal of respect for Doc Savage!!

Larry Saccoia


Hi SiFu Doc.just saw your website, great site.
I know you must know your stuff {wingchun}
Anyone who was trained by SiFu Leung,to me, knows what wingchun is about.
SiFu Leung, is a great teacher.
I had the pleasure and honor to had been one of his student, in the early 70s
In 3 great jones street New York City.
Ah! those were the days,you knew what a work-out was all about.
Well brother, keep on truck-ing.

PEACE: to you and your family
Joe Musse


In 1981,I met Sifu Doc in Sifu Duncan’s VA Bch., VA school and immediately liked him. At that time Doc was already a 2nd Degree Black Belt but was totally obsessed with wing chun. At that time I was a middle and outside linebacker in college (mean and lean) but couldn’t touch the bastard! After three years of training I moved to Florida for graduate school and lost touch with Doc. In 1990, while working in Ft. Walton one week, I called a wing chun school and Doc answered the phone. I have been training with him of and on since then. IT IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING HOW TALENTED DOC IS AS A MARTIAL ARTIST AND TEACHER! His entire life has been committed to wing chun and anyone that has practiced wing chun or fought him cannot deny his ability. Sifu Doc has never deviated from the true principles of wing chun. His classes are hard and of course you are going to get hit but you will learn to fight. Never has he “watered down” the system for the sake of gaining more students and making financial gains.

“Anyone heard of Sifu Doc Savage”? It is a great honor to answer yes to this question. Not just as a marital artist but as a great friend and mentor. I sincerely hope that many people have the opportunity to meet, train, challenge, or become his student.

However, time is passing and what he knows may be lost forever. In our present society it is rare for someone to be so committed to wing chun and to develop to his level and time will catch up with us all.

I finished the wing chun system under Sifu Doc and I am now a sifu however, I have soooooo much more to learn from him.

All the Best,

Stan M. Warden, P.G., Esq.

Tallahassee, FL


I’ve known Sifu Doc Savage since 1990. He is my friend and was my Sifu in Florida when I was learning
Wing Chun. What I learned (and earned)from Doc is what he learned (and earned) from his Sifu, Duncan
Leung. I have since moved to Las Vegas and stopped training, mostly due to the fact that I can’t find
anyone that I feel to be as competent, or that I would trust as much as Sifu Doc Savage, to learn from.
He is that good. I have visited many Wing chun schools over that last 14 plus years since my training in
Florida, and to me, it just seemed there was something missing. What I got from my Sifu was no-bull
training and a wealth of knowledge which I benefit from even today. I still remember him telling me,
“practice doesn’t make perfect; perfect practice makes perfect.” He is the real deal and an excellent
teacher…I can’t think of any other way to put it, and I would encourage anyone to train with him if they ever get the privilege.

James Nash


Let me start out by saying that I have trained in Jeet Kune Do to Instructor status (1995-2000) Kempo karate, Wing Chun (William Cheung Lineage, Francis Fong Lineage, Paul Chu lineage{3years} and Ken Cheung lineage). Everytime I asked questions about how it sized up to Wing Chun as taught by Duncan Leung I was shunned.

I called Doc to see if he would train me. He said “Come on.” I was excited and apprehensive at the same time. I knew Real Wing Chun required pain and dedication. I was willing to give it all to learn.

Doc taught me enormous amounts of information and within 11 hours of training I was able to defeat all my training partners from the past who had been better than me. I also walked away with a deeper understanding of the art as a whole. I am dedicated to Doc and his teachings. I will defend them anyday using what I have learned from Doc , knowing that I will meet with success if I follow “the Rules”.

Thank you Doc for your generocity, knowledge, gifts, friendship and time that you have given me. I look forward to many more lessons in the simplicity of Wing Chun and the application of this Art to life as a whole.

Dustan Carroll


Thank you for teaching me Wing Chun


I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to learn Wing Chun under your tutelage. Before attending your seminars, I studied Yang style Tai Chi(1 yrs) and then I trained in four styles of traditional Chinese martial arts from SiFu Chu in Houston: Northern Shaolin (4 yrs), Wing Chun (4 yrs), Tai Chi (3 yrs), Choy Lee Fut(2yrs). I learned many weapons forms including a northern spear, staff, Wu Dong straight sword, Northern stick form, Tai Chi broadsword, Choy Lee Fut broadsword, Northern Gwan Do. I also trained in Iron Palm for three years. I was one of the top students in the school and was in line to be an indoor student.

After attending my first seminar, I questioned everything I had learned and trained the four year prior. I was faced with a tough decision: to abandon everything I had worked so hard for at my old school or to learn real Wing Chun from you, Doc. So I tested what you taught me, and I was able to easily defeat my previous training partners. They couldn’t figure out how I had spontaneously improved. And I couldn’t figure our how I could have been so blind.

Doc, thank you for your generosity and knowledge. You have opened my eyes and showed me the truth. I see now the true depth Wing Chun and it has changed my life. I will learn everything I can from you.

James Sasitorn

Hello Sifu Doc,
Thanks again for the manual.  I received it saturday.  Definetely a lot of good notes/reference and details of how to use the training that are true to Duncan Leung’s Lineage.  Unfortunately, I won’t be able to attend any seminar due to budget issue.  However, I can’t wait for the dvds that you are creating
thanks and best of health to you and your family,
albertTrained and Now Tested

Hey Doc, just wanted to say thank you for teaching me because some of it obviously stuck. A couple nights ago me and my old team-leader were walking back to our hotel room from the bar and two guys descided they were gona ”kick our ass”.. probably was something we said but thats beside the point. Both of them had about 15-20lbs on us but i dont think they knew how to use it.. The fight lasted about 5 seconds. Not realy sure what i did but they were both lying unconcious in the parking lot, so we took off before the cops showed up.

anyway, i start special forces selection at the end of this month. I’ll make sure to write you again and tell you how that went, when its over.

Thanks again,

Luke, US Army


Sifu Doc Savage is my friend, mentor, and teacher. I have been a student since Jan. 2003 and have learned so much more than Wing Chun, which is what makes Doc such a great instructor. Sifu Doc has told me not to believe him about anything but to test what I learn, which is what I do. I have gone to other schools to train and so far what Doc has taught me has held true. I would encourage anyone to join us to train and test for the truth. His book is a great training aid and I find using the techniques he describes to greatly improve my Wing Chun training. The book will be of great use to anybody who is willing to understand what is being presented.


Bobby Beck


I studied with Sifu Doc for 8 years. I saw a lot of people come through the school, many from other martial arts. I was always amazed that no matter what question was asked about how to apply wing chun to any situation, Sifu never once said, let me think about it. He could show you how to make it work as if it was a part of him, because it is.

Doc always told me that wing chun isn’t passed down, it’s pounded down. Believe me, I’ve had plenty of bruises to prove it.

If you are looking for real world, applicable, martial art, you should seek out Sifu Doc Savage.

Ken Shorey


I was lucky enough to train under SiFu Doc while going through EOD school in Florida. He has a no BS way of communicating and training. He teaches from real life experience, not just classroom experience. If you want to learn true Wing Chun and be able to apply it when you need it there’s no one better to teach you than Doc.

Luke James


Thanks Doc for the excellent day of training. It had been 6 years since I had last trained with you. It all came back like riding a bike. I can credit this to the consistent instruction that I received during the 8 years that I trained with you. Your techniques are tested and have been proven. Your dedication to the art is appreciated and anyone who trains with you has the fortune to reap the benifits.

Thanks, Sifu

Keith Duke


I had the good fortune of studying under Doc Savage in Ft. Walton Beach.

He is a phenomenal martial artist and a superb teacher. His enthusiam for Wing Chun is infectious. He is a dynamic, energetic, powerful, and generous teacher.

My experience with Doc and my fellow students changed my life and I will cherish it forever.

Doc is a true master of his art and it was a privilage to be one of his students.


As a woman I’m honored to have experienced this art developed by a woman.

Carleen Miciano


I can’t thank you enough for your time and attention. I’ve been in and out of the martial arts for years and have learned more about how to use my techniques in a real fight during my few months with you than in all my other years combined. My timing and flow have improved tremendously under your guidance. I’ll continue to work the drills you taught me and look forward to training with you again in the future.

Luke James

US Army Explosive Ordnance Disposal


If SiFu Doc had a class everyday I would be there. I cant get enough of it. Its like a drug. A good drug. SIFU Doc is a great teacher. I look forward to every Saturday, even when I am confused from all the info and training I am getting.




Wow! What a great seminar! Who could imagine how much there is in every drill. I’ll spend the rest of my life without exhausting the possibilities of Wing Chun. Thank you Doc, for allowing me this golden opportunity to study the true art.


God Bless America


I was taking Wing Chun classes in Dallas, TX for nearly 3 months in 2006, about 180 miles one way from where I live. Something, however, was missing. While researching Wing Chun, I came across the book, “Wing Chun Warrior, Duncan Leung’s True Fighting Episodes.� Wow! After reading it, I wanted to see if he was accepting students or if he had associated schools here in Texas. I searched and located SiGung Duncan Leung’s website. I followed the links on his website and located SiFu Doc Savage’s school in Florida. From SiFu Doc’s website I followed the link to an associated school in Houston, TX. After my discovery, I began studying Wing Chun in Houston under SiFu James Sasitorn, one of SiFu Doc’s Disciples. I made more progress in a couple of weeks with him than I had made in a few months at the other school. Several months later I was fortunate to attend and meet SiFu Doc at a seminar he presented in July 2007 in Houston, TX. I appreciate what I learned at that seminar. I am grateful for SiFu Doc’s knowledge of and his dedication to the study of Wing Chun. Concepts and applications from his book, “Power, Speed, and Flexibility – Training Manual” are taught regularly where I train and is a valuable asset. Further, I am grateful of his desire and ability to share his knowledge and application of this art with those of us who are ready to learn.

Tom Brown


SiFu Doc Savage is my SiFu.

I wanted to take the time to let everyone know that SiFu Doc Savage is a great teacher.

I am a teacher by trade. I have been for nearly 10 years and I have the credentials to evaluate teachers and methods of instruction.

SiFu Doc Savage is a great instructor just based on what I, personally, have been able to accomplish due to his instruction. 

He is truely an art lover when it comes to Wing Chun. He believes in making his students better than himself (if that were possible). Isn’t this what all great teachers try to accomplish?

I highly recommend SiFu Doc Savage to anyone wishing to learn Wing Chun as a fighting art.

The truth can only be experienced.

Dustan Carroll


I was lucky enough to train under SiFu Doc while going through EOD school in Florida. He has a no BS way of communicating and training. He teaches from real life experience, not just classroom experience. If you want to learn true Wing Chun and be able to apply it when you need it there’s no one better to teach you than Doc.

Luke James


Sifu Savage is an awesome instructor. I have been attending his class for a few months and I can say that my understanding of the philosophical, scientific, and strategic aspect of Wing Chun have increased exponentially. Granted, I am only a beginner, but it is something one would have to experience for oneself to appreciate. My experience, and all the blessings that came along with it can undoubtedly be attributed to this man of great knowledge, wisdom, patience, and benevolence. He is an excellent teacher and displays his love for the art in everything he does. I hope you get the opportunity to take classes from him as I believe you would be satisfied in finding the understanding of Wing Chun that you seek.



I met Sifu Doc back in about 2005 and have been privileged to learn from his instruction. I have the upmost respect for his experience, understanding and dedication to the art.

C. Alden


I had the pleasure of meeting Sigung Doc Savage two years ago. He is a man with a great amount of knowledge and experience in fighting. He is an excellent teacher who commands a great deal of respect from others. It was an honor to have met and trained with such a knowledgeable man and skillful fighter.

K. Zabihi


Sifu Savage is a great teacher in the art of wing chun. I have learned alot in a short period of time and look forward to learning as much as i can as long as i can. His no b.s. training is the real deal.

M. Beebe


If you are serious about learning real wing chun then you will not go wrong with seeking out SiFu Doc Savage. I have had the pleasure of learning from him these past 8 months and in this timeframe have learned more about effective fighting than what i learned from hapkido and taekwondo combined. What I have also learned is the beginnings of practical philosophy that you can apply to your life. The true martial art of wing chun is not bound solely to the physicality of fighting or more commonly referred to as ‘kicking ass’. SiFu is a great teacher and friend. He will challenge you both directly and indirectly. Study, search, and test for yourself and establish your own truth. 

Daniel Lopez


I would like to thank SiGung Doc Savage for his time and dedication to Shadowhand and for the foundations he has laid that my kung fu brothers and I benefit from today… The best thing about Shadowhand Wing Chun is that SiGung Doc Savage believes in application, and we are taught through application. We don’t just dance and get a cardio workout in. We really trade punches and kicks. You will take some lumps and you will get some lumps (the two are not the same). We train hard and for different situations over and over and before you know it subconsciously it’s apart of you. When I train with the State Troopers they call this muscle memory/ muscle retention. This is where you practice something over and over till you know it so well that your body subconsciously defaults to those actions when you can not afford the time to think about what your doing and your body goes on autopilot. In a life and death situation when you loose your fine motor skills this will save your life and has made me a believer.  We train for real life scenarios! I have noticed my vision and reflexes have gotten sharper and I love it. Shadow Hand Wing Chun is real and that is what sets us apart from the rest. Everyone should come check us out.


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