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23 Aug 2014 HOLT, FL SEMINAR

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SiFu Doc Savage hosted a seminar on 23 Aug in Holt, FL courtesy of Bobby (Broke Your Pole) Beck.



“As usual SiFu Doc has: answered questions that I had; highlighted & redirected my attention to those things that I know or should have known by now; showed me some “new” things that that were right in front of my eyes, yet I overlooked them; & most importantly raised new questions in my mind.

I’m swimming in the Epipelagic Zone of the WC ocean… ”   – EZ (Enero)


“Awesome seminar! Thank you SiFu for expanding my understanding of the ducking set in the third form but also understanding the philosophy during our private lessons. I encourage all to take advantage of private lessons. Don’t take for granted the library SiFu has given us as a mental road map on understanding our art on a level other than physical which can also be used not only in martial arts but in every facet of our daily lives. Master Jou quoted Chang San-Feng (the founder of Tai-Chi Chuan) in his book The Tao of Tai-Chi Chuan saying “If one emphasizes only the martial arts, he will miss the most important aspect of the philosophy of Tai-Chi Chuan.” Thanks again SiFu for elevating me through higher levels of understanding of the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects in the art of Wing Chun. Thanks to all my Wing Chun brothers for training with me because it’s with you guys I get to apply and practice what I’ve learned. Peace!”  – Ryan


“Good times had by all at this most recent seminar courtesy of SiFu Doc and SiFu Bobby. Thank you for the hospitality and of course the mind expanding knowledge. Great to meet and train with the Memphis crew.”  – SiFu Justin Corey


“A great seminar, indeed! Words don’t express even a fraction of my gratitude for allowing me to train under you, SiGong! While my “teacher/father” is a deadbeat dad towards me, my Kung Fu granddad has been more than generous, supportive, and understanding (such a fun-loving guy!!!). Thank you (and everyone else) for helping me to fix things I have done incorrectly for the last three years. Thank you for the clue you gave us to understanding the Ducking Sets! It was a small thing, but it made me recall distinctly how my last teacher taught us a particular drill incorrectly at a seminar in Memphis. I’m glad I came to you to learn the right way to practice/train this Art and to learn another portion of “What They Didn’t Learn.” Like you said: Had I been studying, searching, and testing, I’d have come to you years ago. Thanks again! I’m looking forward to the next one! You can bet I’ll be there!”  – Ed from Memphis


“The seminar was great, we all learned a lot of down right inspiring and literally jaw-dropping moves and techniques. I hope to be at the next one.”  – Nedia


“What a great seminar, as usual SiFu Doc has brought our understanding of Wing Chun to a higher level. All the different uses Doc comes up with for the ducking set are mind blowing. Everyone who attended the seminar made it enjoyable as well, the deduction that the guys who travel so far shows is inspiring. Thanks to Justin for allowing me to take you down so easily on the leg drill we did, that really helps my confidence. ” – SiFu Bobby Beck


19 July 14 Flash Seminar

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Flash Seminar

“Memphis Experiences The Truth”

SiFu Doc Savage welcomed the Memphis wing chun group.  This is the first but not the last interaction.  Ed Holt and others will be frequenting the Fort Walton, Beach area for future seminars and are always welcomed.

“We had the privilege of training with a group from Memphis, it was a pleasure and I look forward to our next encounter. We also had Todd and Scott come from Panama City and Stan came from Tallahassee, as always it was great to see you and to get to train with you guys.
I also enjoyed the very tall tales that have been told about myself and Doc and must apologize that no one received a broke leg or had to go get stitches. I hope you were not to disappointed.” – SiFu Beck

“SiGong, Stan, Bobby, et al., it was a pleasure meeting you all! This was an experience that was totally unexpected. I appreciate your hospitality and generosity. Everyone was helpful, courteous, and brotherly. SiGong, I thank you for being supportive and for correcting me on numerous things. Your explanations were simultaneously simple and profound, especially the controversial Kwan Sau. Thanks again, SiGong for having us! We’re already looking forward to next month!”  -Ed Holt

“Thank you SiFu for the bad ass training this past seminar! To our memphis brothers thanks for coming down to train with us and I hope we get to see you all again next seminar. Peace and love brothers!”  -Ryan Corley

“Awesome seminar, and great to meet new like minded individuals! Thanks SiFu for the great instruction and wealth of information expanding what we always seem to ‘think’ we know. Looking forward to the next one!”  -Chris

“Awesome seminar, and great to meet new like minded individuals! Thanks SiFu for the great instruction and wealth of information expanding what we always seem to ‘think’ we know. Looking forward to the next one!”  -SiFu Stan

“Thank you to everyone who follows SHADOWHAND’s exploits. There will be more exciting chapters coming your way, soon!”  -SiFu Savage

Remember…..Stay away from dic-tators!

….and the truth shall set you free!

8 Mar 2014 Panama City Seminar

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Panama City,  Florida Wing Chun Seminar

SiFu Robert “Doc” Savage conducted a seminar on 8 March, 2014 at the Panama City, FL SHADOWHAND Wing Chun school providing instruction on defense techniques against the so called “Knock Out Game” that many citizens have fallen victim to.

6-8 Dec 2013 Holt Seminar Completed

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Florida Annual Holt Wing Chun Seminar

6-8 Dec 2013

“I wanted to thank Sifu Doc for the huge gift of knowledge you past down to us this past seminar. Like Sifu Justin said in his comments, “its endless and limitless” We are so lucky to have these great seminars. It was very nice to see my Wing Chun family and hope to see them soon. Sifu Bobby thanks for letting us use your place to train. Sifu Justin thank you for all you do for me.” – Ed

“No ‘cut and paste’ masters here! This is where Wing Chun is Pounded Down not Watered Down!” –
Copyright 2013 SiFu Doc Savage

“SiFu, thanks again for yet another high-end training opportunity. Your insights & information are always presented in a straightforward, & easy to understand manner. Excellent as always.” – Enero

“As always, the recent annual Holt retreat was amazing. Lots of new drills involving aspects of Bil Jee form; counter-kicking drills; extensions of Lop Sao drill; power training; etc… the list goes on and on. It is truly amazing to experience first hand the depth of knowledge that SiFu Doc brings to us who are learning and growing in wing chun. I firmly believe it is endless and limitless.
Thanks again to SiFu Bobby for the use of his home and facilities. Always greatly appreciated. It was also great to see and train with the Shadowhand clan again.
It’s been said many times before…and its worth repeating because its that important: good wing chun is pounded down, not handed down. Train hard & Learn the lessons of the drills!!!”  – SiFu Justin Corey

“Another awesome seminar! Thanks to SiFu for taking the time to teach us more killer moves, my brain’s overloaded with new stuff. I should be able to figure it all out within the next century!” SiFu Doug Hindman

“Greetings, SiFu Doc, best ever training. I want to thank all of my kung fu brothers for the training they gave me.Great seminar!  SiFu Doc, this was the best time I every had training. You provided a lot of material to keep me busy and help improve my Wing Chun. You are the real deal SiFu, and I really enjoyed training with everyone. For now, I will practice what I learned and use my Bobby plate to help turn my horse. Looking forward to the next seminar.” – Francis Jackson


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SiFu Doc Savage hosted a seminar on 2 Nov 2013 on Combat Chi Sau.  This was open to anyone.

“As per the norm, another great seminar…still letting it all sink/sync in. Walked away with a better understanding of the art of WC – priceless! Thanks SiFu! Also thanks to all the out-of-towners for joining us here in FWB, good to see old & new (to me anyway) WC brothers.”   – Enero

“Jason and I had a GREAT time training with the Masters.  Thanks so much Sifu, always a pleasure and looking forward to the next time we can make it to town.”   – Captain J

“I had a great day training with everyone and especially greatful to the guys who traveled so for to train and hone their skills, as always thanks to SiFu Doc Savage for his generosity in sharing his lifetime of experience and continually helping me improve my skill level.”   – SiFu Bobby Beck

“Sifu, thanks for the seminar. I learned a lot, as always, and have a new perspective and a more thorough understanding of chi sao to help my in my studies and development.”   -Fred

“Enjoyed another great seminar. Always a pleasure to train with my WC brothers. Thank you SiFu for sharing your knowledge/experience to help enhance our skills. Looking forward to next month.” -Adam

“Awesome seminar! It was fun to meet and train with more members of the Shadowhand lineage and I look forward to the next time! Thank you Sifu for bringing the energy and dedication to every class and seminar demonstrating your love and knowledge of the art and sharing that with us. I look forward to the December seminar which, like every seminar, will be a blast!”  – Chris

“Thanks Sifu for another great seminar. And thanks to all my Shadowhand brothers for all the experience you guys bring to the lessons. The force is strong with our family for sure.”  -Jeff

“Though only a quick visit, the 20hr roundtrip journey is ALWAYS worth it!!!!! My understanding of Shadowhand Wing Chun grows with each trip to see SiFu Doc Savage. I only wished I lived closer!!! Great to cross hands with Doc and my fellow “open-air” disciples!” – Justin


Group Photo Chi Sao Seminar

Instructor Photo


9-11 Aug 2013 HOLT SEMINAR: Complete

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A BIG THANKS to all that attended the seminar! All questions were answered and a great deal of detailed information was learned!
When you miss a seminar, you miss out on some of the most important lessons you can get! Live and practial! Real time!
As always Thank You Bobby for cooking our morning meal and allowing us to use the farm! If you missed this seminar make plans on attending the Oct. seminar in Panama City School! I have been requested by many to teach and go over applications of the 168 Wooden Man! Pre-requirement:must show a 90 % proficincy in the first three forms! So, get out your dusty DVD’s and start going over the forms!

-SiFu Doc Savage

Another enlightening seminar taking us to another level! Wing Chun is such a deep art offering so much where your imagination is the only limiting factor. Thank you SiFu for sharing your knowledge so generously with such astute responses to our questions and Bobby for hosting the seminar. I look forward to the next one!


Another great seminar. I am thankful for the opportunity to train with my fellow Shadowhand brothers. A lot of information provided. Had a few lightbulbs turn on as I reviewed driving back home. Thank you SiFu and Bobby for putting on a great seminar. Looking forward to the next one.


As always it was a mind bending seminar, great camaraderie & fellowship.
My three biggest takeaways:
1) wood posts are very hard when struck….
2) wing chun principles are limitless
3) the rules / guidelines of chi sau work just fine if you can just get out of their way and let it happen! hahaha

A big thank you to SiFu Doc, SiFu Bobby, SiFu Stan…always enlightening!

-SiFu Justin Corey


Day 1 of the August seminar was beyond great! A bargain at any price, this seminar is incredible. Topics were explained & reviewed in fine detail.

Day 2 – more wholesome Shadowhand WC goodness; another great day of training & fellowship. Sadly, there is no way to 100lbs of WC into my 5lb bag; my take away message: train properly & train hard. Thanks to all.

Day 3 – another run through the some of the drills, & though I have seen them many times, new information keeps popping out. It’s a little bit silly, but at least I am seeing them now. This seminar was simultaneously self-paced & accelerated; broad brushed & filled with minute detail…I’m sure I still missed things; nothing is being withheld.
Hasta luego hombres.





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Duncan Leung will be having a 2 day seminar in June 2013 (22-23 June) in Virginia Beach.

Click here for details!



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“Just had another awesome weekend seminar. SiFu Doc was busy fine tuning our skills and bringing us further down the rabbit hole of WC. With the right guide, WC offers a lifetime of adventures and learning…especially as it relates to ‘complete’ WC. Thanks again SiFu Doc for furthering our knowledge. Thanks also to Bobby for the use of his home/facilities. It was great to meet and train with all the Shadowhand students and disciples. DILLIGAF!”

– SiFu Justin Corey

“Thanks Justin for the great review! For those of you who could not make it to this seminar, you missed out on a lot of great Chi Sao training! Also the Devastating use of the pole and knives! Thank you to all who took the time to advance you skills! As always thanks to SiFu Bobby Beck for his gracious use of his Holt farm!”

– SiFu Savage

“Great seminar SiFu. Lots of information to ponder & work through. It was great working with everybody; thanks for helping me get my WC incrementally better.”

– Enero

“Awesome seminar this past weekend. There was a lot of information to noodle. Thank you SiFu Doc for helping us hone our skills and providing more tools for the toolbox. I have As always, I had a great time training with my WC brothers. Thank you SiFu Bobby for providing us a place to eat, sleep and train.”

– Adam Rose

“Thanks to everyone who attended the seminar, everyone made it a special event, a special thanks to Sifu Doc for his continued teaching and support, and for always making us better.”

-SiFu Bobby Beck

“Great seminar! I always walk away with so much more than I came with. Thank you Sifu for always pushing us to reach the next level of understanding and Bobby for assisting us with learning and providing training grounds to make it possible. Enjoy the journey!”

– Chris

 “Sifu, Thanks for the seminar!! I learned a lot of great stuff and have a lot more stuff to add to my practice sessions. Looking forward to the next one!”

– Fred

“Another fantastic seminar from SiFu Savage. From the gon sao drills, chi sao, pole and knives, there was something to be learned. What amazes me about SiFu is his willingness to share and teach the finer details of a technique or drill, and it’s these details that exponentially increase the effectiveness of one’s wing chun. Thank you again SiFu Savage, for sharing your knowledge and experience with us. Special thanks to SiFu Beck for allowing to train at his place, and to all my seniors and fellow students who assist me on my wing chun path.”

– Renee





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This Wing Chun Seminar was hosted at the SHADOWHAND extension school located in Panama City, FL.

“The recent seminar this past weekend was amazing. SiFu Doc yet again gives literal meaning to the term “everlasting spring”. From fighting, sparring, chi sau, philosophy, power training, kicking, wooden man, etc etc…it was non-stop the entire weekend. The Wing Chun world is lucky to have someone of Doc’s caliber. His knowledge and experience is boundless. Thanks to SiFu Doc and SiFu Doug for an outstanding weekend of quantum level training!!!!!!!!!! “

– SiFu Justin Corey

Still sore and nursing bruises from this past weekend’s seminar.  You know the saying “Fire forges Steel”?   That’s how I would describe the training.  I learned so much from the intensity and reality-based nature of Saturday’s class.   Indeed, wing chun is pounded down and not passed down!  But it just wasn’t the physical and technical aspects that had me impressed.  SiFu shared a good amount of philosophy and history to round out our knowledge.   Sunday was great as well – just hanging with SiFu and the disciples.  More technical training, lots of Q&A, and just all around camaraderie.   Thank you SiFu, for all that you taught and shared with us, and thank you disciples and fellow classmates as well for helping me in my wing chun path.  Looking forward to the next seminar!”


“The recent seminar in Panama City was incredible. I would like to thank Sifu Doc for his dedication and patience I would also like to thank my Wing Chun brothers who attended the seminar and made the training realistic. You never know what you really learn until you are tested, thanks for the test.”


 (Left to Right):  Rene, SiFu Doug Hindman, Certified Instructor Adam Rose, SiFu Doc Savage, SiFu Justin Corey, SiFu Bobby Beck and Hans


Duncan Leung with tripodal configuration in the background.

“…just when you thought you knew all there is to the tripodal – OOPS!”
Have a great Wing Chun Day!


December 5th, 2012 Comments off


The seminar was fantastic! After just a month of learning, I’ve had my eyes widened to see the vastness and depth of the art. The small connections I’m starting to make just leave me hungry for more. The location and attendees created a very conducive environment for training and everyone was so generous with insights and assistance. Thank you Sifu for such a great learning opportunity and leading by example which lights our path of understanding. Thank you Bobby for your hospitality providing the venue and good eats. Also thank you all who attended which made this possible, especially Enero who took many drill beating for my benefit!

I can’t wait to bring what I’ve learned to the next class!  – Chris

Yet another great weekend of Shadowhand wing chun training by SiFu Doc. True wing chun is pounded down, not handed down. It was great to see my brothers and train in the company of them again. Thanks also to Bobby for the use of his house and hospitalities. Good times, great training had by all. SiFu Doc’s knowledge of WC never ceases to amaze! – Justin


Thanks SiFu for an awesome weekend of Wing Chun. Bobby beat me to the Jut Sup but I must thank you for your generosity with the art. As for all of my fellow attendees, thanks, I learned something from each of you. The atmosphere was very conducive to learning. Good energy & lots of support. To echo my opening remark: AWESOME! Until the next time…  – EZ E (Nero)


What a great seminar, thanks Sifu Doc for all your info you so generously pound down. Thanks to everyone who made the trip to Holt and look forward to more training opportunities.  – Bobby