13-14 June Seminar

June 6th, 2015


“All material contained in seminars is copyrighted and cannot be used without expressed permission from SiFu Doc Savage.  Any violation will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. ” 

“Thanks again to everyone who attended this seminar!!! Special thanks to SiFu Beck and his Father for extending their hospitality and the great food Bill and Bobby provided for us.
These seminars are intended to advance the student to a level above the one they came with. The level they achieve depends on:
1. Not to let your preconceived ideas stop you from moving beyond this sticking point.
2. Ask copious questions of the facilitator, regardless of whether you think the question is “stupid” or not. You are here to “learn”. I am here to “teach”. I will hold nothing back. Or teach you 1’ off, ever!!!
3. Practice your forms at your level of training. Ask Me for corrections and the ways to improve on them.
4. Turn your horse 100 x’s a day. Lon Sao Di-Gon Sao and Quan Sao!
5. Practice moving around the sticks 30 minutes a day. Footwork is the key to “Shadowhand” Kung Fu.
6. The seminar doesn’t stop at 4 pm. We just take a break for food and rest. We go on till we get sleepy!
So, now you know what to do for and at the next seminar.
Good Luck!!!”
See you then, SiFu Doc Savage

“Another amazing seminar! Thank you again SiGung.. Doc, for sharing your knowledge and all the many needed corrections I received. I especially enjoyed the “Ask me anything” moments, regarding ‘any’ movement in any of the forms. They were awesome to be part of and watch, as we saw Doc begin at one point, and it often lead to a variety of applications. I’ll need more pages for all the extras that were covered in Chum Kil [many notes: lol]
Getting tweaked in 4 punch 102 as well as tweaking our structure and pressure in the Donchi sau drills were again, awesome.. as we then incorporated that knowledge into our rolling and lop drill.. into the lockout. NICE! O, and thanks again for that manual, Doc.
I appreciate the tips on the Wooden man, Doc, and I’m still transferring notes on those facial pressure points and the one on the leg, for the sneaky kick.
A big ‘Thank You’ to Bobby for a place to train and his folks for rustling up the chow. Thanks to all the ‘gang’, for helping the ‘old guy’ get it down, [cant wait to see you when you’re on Medicare lol] and meeting a couple more of my SiHing’s.
A special thanks to the guy in the corset, for his guidance and supplemental written material. Hope you’re up and running at the next one, SiFu.
You move, I move; You change, I change; You stop, I keep going. – SHADOWHAND – Hell yea!” – Philip

“Many many thanks to SiGong Doc, Sifu Bobby and his dad for the food and hospitality, E, as always, training with you is an adventure :), Adam was great seeing you again, Sifu Justin, best wishes on the rib may your days be pain free in the coming weeks.
Venturing down the rabbit hole with you guys is, as always, a mind blowing experience. A very valuable one. Knowledge that cannot be gained anywhere else.
Now, I have a idea of what questions to ask–finally. (I’m old and slow, but I’m getting there
Persevere, train, persevere more, train more.
Looking forward to the next one, definitely” – Captain J

“Thank you Sigung Doc for allowing me to participate in this past seminar! It was probably the most amazing thing I’ve ever experienced. It was nothing like I expected but everything I hoped It would be. I will retained what I’ve learned and practice diligently and prove that the knowledge bestowed upon me will not be in vain. My motivation has skyrocketed! Your teachings have really inspired me. After meeting your disciples and the rest of the Shadowhand family I know this is where I want to be, this is what I want to do! I look forward to your next seminar! Thank you again Sigung Doc for the opportunity to participate and for the wisdom you’ve opened my mind to! Thank you Sifu Jay for extending Sigung Docs invitation to me and for your training! Thank you Enero for the subtleties and nuances and insight, Sifu Bobby for the one on one your technique is truly magnificent,Sifu Ed,Sifu Adam,Sifu Steve,Sifu Justin all the disciples and Sifus. Y’all are a terrific group of guys and I can comfortably wear my colors with pride! Thanks again for Sigung Doc this has truly been a life changing event for me!” – Mark

“Seminar was great. Direct all questions to Sifu Doc Savage, he’s the one with the goods.” – Aiden

“Thanks Doc for the overload. I haven’t gotten past going over the forms etc. since Sunday . Daily forms with a few drills thrown in are the best right after a seminar. Thanks to everyone for the great lessons and great pounding. Looking forward to the next one.” – Todd

“Thank you SiGong Doc for a great Seminar! It is absolutely amazing to observe and learn as you harmonize any selected movement to it’s place in the forms! My understanding grows exponentially in just a very short time at each seminar I attend!  Thank you to Bobby for the hospitality to both me and Spanky!  To Justin, Enero, Ed, Jay, Aiden and all my Shadowhand Brothers, it was awesome seeing everyone again, and meeting new faces as well!  I had a really awesome time and look forward to the next time!” – Steve

“First, thank you SiGong Doc Savage for overloading my feeble mind with just how much there is behind every single movement we make in the forms and drills and how they ALL connect. It is humbling and eye-opening to see just how much I have yet to learn. Knowing that is one thing, experiencing it firsthand is so much more meaningful. I am grateful for your generous sharing of the art of Wing Chun!  Next, thank you to Bobby and his family for their generous hospitality. The food and lodging was excellent and made the trip possible for many of us. I also appreciate the headache you gave me as a bonus!  Finally, it was great to meet all of my other brothers who were there. I got so much training with everyone. Thank you all for your patience, training and corrections. You guys are the best!  I am certainly looking forward to the next time I can make the trip!” – Jeremy

“Thank you SiFu Doc for another great seminar. Very informative. I have much to learn and work on. Enjoyed working out with everyone and meeting some new folks. Ez E always a pleasure. Ed, your welcome! Lol! Justin, I hope you have a speedy recovery. Big thanks to Bobby and his parents for the great hospitality. Looking forwarded to the next one.” –Adam

“Thank you again, SiGong, for yet another excellent seminar! While I’m always glad to learn directly from you, I was especially happy that others from Memphis got to see you, hear some funny stories, and receive corrections in their Wing Chun. I can’t say “Thank you” enough for accepting us and freely teaching the Art that was taught to you. It’s one thing to hear a man *tell* you the correct application, but you go much further and *show* the “what, why, and how” of everything we do. You always embody the statement, “The proof is in the punch.” Again, thank you.  Bobby, thank you for the lodging and vittles. I always appreciate your input and pointers in helping us. Justin (aka McRib lol), even though we didn’t get to work together, it was a pleasure seeing you and getting your input and help. Eazy E-nero, you the training, dialogue, and advice are more than appreciated. You’re gonna have to let me see your notes some time! Todd, Scott, Phil, Capt. J (good job with your new student!), it was a blast! Adam, thank you for the headaches! Lol Steve, my Wilted Rose brother. I was so happy to see you and train with you! I’m grateful that we are on this path. Others can say whatever they want, but you and I know the TRUTH.  Again, thanks, SiGong. I have much to study, search, and test.” – Ed Holt

“Thanks to Doc for another great weekend of training. Always enlightening. Always so much more to learn. Quite humbling.
Good to see the Shadowhand crew from all corners come out for some solid brain expanding wing chun. As always, thanks to Bobby for the use of his home, and thanks to Bill for the burgers.  See you at the next one.” – Justin

“SiFu Doc Savage, thanks again for another top quality seminar! Always informative, challenging, frustrating, & above all fun. Getting into the finer points of Shadowhand WC motivates me to turn the microscope on & take a deeper look at the forms. Something that you always say to do in the first place. I am shown new things at every seminar & this one was no exception. On this journey up the WC mountain people & things help you along the way; to that end “Thanks” everybody that came to train. Training with you was great & even the new guys brought some heat – great questions & energy. Good to see everybody, the usual offenders, the new faces (Mark & Jeremy) & my old classmate Adam (glad you could make it.) As most of the attendees are getting after it on the highways, drive safe & see you in a while.
Lay off the McRibs!” – EZ Enero

13 June 2015 Holt Pic Wing Chun


13 June 2015 Holt FL Completed

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