18 Apr 15 Knife Fighting Seminar

April 2nd, 2015

Florida Wing Chun

SiFu Doc Savage held a  knife fighting seminar at Liza Jackson Park on Sat, 18 Apr 2015.

“Hey, Doc,

Just wanted to thank you for such a great seminar. As usual you’ve given me so much detailed information, easily understood and readily usable. Your patience and ability to explain the topic at hand gives me the tools to problem solve where most of my questions I end up answering myself. I’ve never been to any of your seminars where one person left with an unanswered question. With even such little exposure to the info and a small amount of practiced you know one can only do so much in an eight hour day. I walked away with the confidence that I am better off now at either end of the blade, and that’s saying a lot because blades can be scary, especially to the novice. Please thank everyone: Bobby, Enero, Aiden. Hopefully JC will make the next one. Thank you very much!” –Patrick Kelly Fox

“With the sun just coming up and features hidden, I could only make out dark figures.. but even at a 100 yards I could still recognize the big, stocky man with the ponytail as my Sigung.. the one and only Doc Savage!
Now when I first heard Doc was going to do a seminar on knives.. KNIVES.. I really cant describe my excitement. Why? To set the stage, a person writing a book on the history of Wing Chun, and has done MUCH research on the different Ip/WC lineages, discovered that THE most aggressive and proficient student of Ip Man was a private student, Leung Shiu Hung.  This same student was mesmerized with learning Ba Zam Do, or WC knives. He discovered the exact blade placement for.. ‘quick kills’.. through it’s application on wild packs of dogs, as well as a few encounters with armed robbers.  This helps one to appreciate why over the years, S.E.A.L. Teams, FBI, etc., understood that Leung Shiu Hung, [OR American], DUNCAN Leung, with a blade, was the most dangerous man alive!  Ask yourself.. WHY else dedicate the training of these agents and their lives.. to Duncan.. for decades?  This ‘deeper’ knowledge of knives by Duncan, was passed on to Doc.. which HE is now sharing with US??  Now then.. do you realize that as I walk toward the pavilion, it ‘overwhelms me’ that I am about to be taught knife defense by the man knife experts consider one of the top two IN THE WORLD?  That being said,  Although I am very new to Shadowhand WC [less than a year] and this was only my second seminar.. as I am walking and get closer to the pavilion, it felt great to walk up and see my brothers . Ed.. I would like to talk more on the 7 stars. Enero, don’t know why you doubt yourself bro.. you truly have the gift!  I feel when you see me you must think.. DOH.. here’s that new guy. But if you do you hide it well. lol  Seriously, thank you for your patience, realizing what I’m doing wrong, [HUGE as a Sifu] and taking time to correct me. Thank you!  Bobby, wished I had more time to train with you [and get that mayo recipe].  It was great meeting and training with the rest of you! Doc.. Sigung.. THANK YOU for passing this on to us!  I’ve been in MA for decades and have seen politics and ego. Yet with you, in the morning after my 3rd question, YOU then approached ME all seminar, and like a kid on ADD and chomping at the bit, asked if I had any questions for you [which I did] and you freely, and eagerly answered.  Where the hell were you 20-30 years ago?? lolJust wish Sifu Corey could have made it.”  –Philip

“Once again Sifu Doc Savage proves he is one of the greatest martial arts instructors in the world !!! I am proud to call Sifu Doc my friend and teacher. Thank you Doc for such a great seminar!!! And thank you to all who attended , the willingness to train and help each other was outstanding. The knowledge that was shared and friendships made can only come from a group of individuals united in a common goal. The goal was to learn from the best and that we did. Special thanks to Bobby for being so helpful and sharing with his knowledge. I hope to train again with everyone soon.”  –Curtis Porter

“Yet another awesome seminar, training DOC SAVAGE Wing Chun. There is no price tag that can be placed on the opportunity to learn directly from The SOURCE. Thank you, SiGung, for your openness and enthusiasm; the experience is truly a blast, all pain aside! LOL :) Even the few moments during the break, where you helped me improve my elbow pressure, were more than worth making the trip. In just 10 months with you, I have nearly filled my notebook that I bought four years ago, and I know that its contents only scratch the surface of what you have to offer those dedicated to learning!  Bobby, Enero, and others: Thank you for your input, suggestions, insights, and fellowship. Training with you brothers makes the pain fun, humorous, and enlightening. I always look forward to seeing you whenever I’m in town! Shadowhand. F@%*$ YEAH!  SiGung, thanks again for welcoming us and for ever reminding us to “Learn the lessons of the drills” and “Keep It Simple, Stupid.” – Ed Holt

“As always it was an incredible and eye opening seminar. After all this time Doc still has so much to teach it is mind boggling, as the saying goes,” the more I learn the less I know.”
It was great to train with all my Kung fu brothers and the dedication you show is inspiring, I look forward to our next encounter. Remember when your ego does not get in the way of your training there are no limits to what can be learned.” –Bobby

” Thanks to all who attended!
Thank you for your time and effort!
Thank you for working so hard!
Thanks for everything! You are the best of the best!!!”
SiFu Savage


SHADOWHAND Knife Fighting Seminar

18 Apr 2015 Knife Fighting Completed

“All material contained in seminars is copyrighted and cannot be used without expressed permission from SiFu Doc Savage.  Any violation will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. ” 
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