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7-8 Feb Flash Seminar 2015

January 25th, 2015


SiFu Doc Savage hosted a flash seminar early Feb 2015.  Thanks to all who were able to attend attending.

“It’s always great to train with everyone. Thanks again, SiGong, for such an informative (and ball shattering) seminar! :) Thanks, Bobby, for the lodging and for allowing me to run into your fist a few times. Justin, as always, I’m grateful for your insights, the video of —-, and for the shooting lesson. Panama City brothers, it was a blast! Enero, thanks again for your tips/pointers!

I appreciate all of you for receiving me and the others from Memphis when things seemed uncertain. We’re here for the longhaul (though I don’t know how many more cowboy burgers I can take lol). Shadowhand.”  – Ed


“Great seminar. Excellent skill-building drills and scenarios. SiFu Doc always delivers. Thanks to Bobby for use of the training location. Good to see the PC and Memphis guys still learning and training. Now, gotta go find some motrin! haha
PS: when in doubt…it’s all in your forms. ”  JC


“It still amazes me how much Sifu Doc has to share, I have been training with Sifu Doc Savage for over 12 years and he still shows me techniques to use in scenarios that I have not yet seen. Maybe he is just dragging me along or maybe he has such a deep understanding of Wing Chun that as I learn more he is able to teach me more. I understand there are those who could ” destroy” me in a confrontation but maybe with continued commitment and training I will be able to protect myself and my family from such individuals.
It was great to train with my new found Memphis family, and Ed I hope I didn’t ruin the disillusion you had with how easy it is to get out of the ” rear naked choke hold.” And Justin I will be sure to work on my hitting skills so as not to disappoint you again by how soft my hands are and how weak my hits are.
Thanks to everyone who continues to show commitment and dedication.” Bobby

“All material contained in seminars is copyrighted and cannot be used without expressed permission from SiFu Doc Savage.  Any violation will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. ” 


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