November 27th, 2014


“Excellent Shadowhand Wing Chun seminar this past weekend!
In three years with White Rose, I got a jacked-up version of 14 Gon Sau drills. In one weekend with SiFu Doc Savage, the creator of the Gon Sau drills, I learned 1-28. We also learned Close-up Drills and some of the Wooden Man Form. No stringing students along in Shadowhand!!!”
– SiFu Ed Holt, Dec. 2014
Memphis Shadowhand Wing Chun

“Thank you SiGong Doc for the privilege of training at your Seminar this December. Although I have only been training Shadowhand for a few months, my level of understanding increased tremendously. This was due, in part, not only from your uncanny ability to catch an error from yards away, stop the class to have them watch as you thoroughly explained the error, but also the patient corrections I received from ALL the teachers I had the benefit to train with. I would encourage all students, no matter how short a time you have been training, to seek out a seminar you believe you’d be comfortable with and set your goal to attend!
I would also like to thank Bobby for his input as well as the area to train, and his father Bill for providing the vitals. Thanks again brothers for your patience, as I’m saving for the next seminar while I start to assimilate the impressive amount of knowledge from my notes.”  – Philip

“Great Seminar SiFu, walking away with tons of knowledge and concept to practice and absorb. thank you Bobby and Family for the place to stay and the food was great!!! Please tell your Dad I said thanks :) Always nice to see him.. thanks you Sifu Justin for all you do for me, to help make it possible for me to make it down to see and train with everyone. Hope to see you all soon..” – Edward

“Greetings Sifu Doc, that was a great seminar as all your seminars are great. Tell Bobby thank you for the breakfast & lunch. We went over so much material that some of it did sink in, & a big thank you for your seminars & training. Tell all my kung fu brothers thank you for training with me. I enjoyed it & see you all in 365 days. Yours truly”  – Francis Jackson

“Another great seminar! Sifu Doc can always show you something new in a drill you’ve done a ton of times, fine tuning techniques and furthering our understanding of Wing Chun concepts and applications. If you want to learn and willing to put in the time and effort, you couldn’t find a better source. Thanks to everyone that made the event a success!”  -Chris

“Another amazing seminar! Unfortunately I was only able to spend one day but even after being a student for 5 years I still learned something new. Thanks to all my wing chun brothers for their hospitality and phenomenal training. It’s always nice to be able to turn up the heat and receive the same with no bit***ng. Thank you SiFu for all you’ve taught and done for me. Peace my bros!” -Ryan

“What an awesome seminar! So much information, so freely shared in such a short span of time! I thank you SiGong Savage for the opportunity to train with you! SiFu Bobby thank you for the hospitality! SiFu Justin, I think you’ve traumatized my dog…he used to trust people…thank you for his new found vigilance! To everyone else who embraced me in brotherhood…you guys rock!” -Steve

“Thank you SiFu Doc for an enlightening seminar. Amazes me how much more there is to WC.
The private on Thursday was awesome!
Nice thorough review of the Gon Sau drills and the Close Up drills.
Especially enlightening for me was the footwork; the use of 2nd form concepts; Bil Jee hands; and, as always… the importance of good elbow pressure! ;-)
Big thank you to Bill and Bobby for their tireless hospitality.
Great to train with all the visiting Shadowhand students and instructors.
Enero: sorry about the Gwat Sau hahaha
Slap Nuts: sorry about that Jum Sau to the clavicle ;)
Luigi : sorry bout them nutz!
Bobby: wish you hit harder…. (sissy)
Democrat: you deserved every beating I gave you! Haha
Steve: sorry about the dog! :)
America………..F**k Yeah!”  -Justin

“Another banging seminar! Love training with the guys old & new! Saving up for the next one already! BTW the on-site lunch idea is a major improvement even if you are brown-bagging it. For future outings I issue this challenge: show up with twenty (20) fighting questions in hand! Let’s see WC from your perspective; might be something we don’t think about any more/take for granted as a given/or in my case never considered in the first place. While we have such a great source at our disposal we need to maximize!!!!
Until the next time, THANKS DOC.
ummm to the rest of you wussies: catch you later. ;D”  -EZ

“Thank you to all that attended this year’s seminar!  Thanks to Bill and Bobby for the wonderful food and a place for the students to train! From Texas to Maine, South Florida to Tennessee we are brothers dedicated to the preservation of Wing Chun Kung Fu! Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!”  SiFu Doc Savage

“All material contained in seminars is copyrighted and cannot be used without expressed permission from SiFu Doc Savage.  Any violation will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. ” 

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